Smart office chair

The Axia® Smart Chair gives you a better posture! The thing is, people do not always sit properly on a good office chair. Firstly, clear sitting instructions and technical knowledge of the office chair are indispensable. And secondly, awareness of one’s posture is essential. Are you sitting properly?

Feedback on posture

Smart office chairs monitor a user’s posture and provide feedback where necessary. Sensors in the seat swabs register the posture. If a user sits in a poor position, then the chair makes him or her aware of this. A vibration indicates when you are sitting for too long in a physically aggravating position. This feedback contributes to increasing users’ awareness of their seated posture.  Ultimately, this means users go home fitter.

The Smart label fixed to the seat allows users to view their current posture or see how they have been sitting over the last hour. The AxiaSmart Insight software or Axia Smart Cloud give access to each chair’s data for longer periods. Based on this information, practical advice can be provided to the user. That opens up a world of possibilities, both for users and for facility services managers.

Axia Smart Chair TOUCHES YOU!