Physical problems

We are sitting more and more. And longer and longer. So we are exercising less and less. What with internet, email, sms and Twitter, these days we can do almost anything while seated. Sending a card, buying clothes, making appointments, consulting colleagues. You no longer need to get up from your chair. And yet exercise is essential for good health.

But a lack of exercise weakens muscles, tendons and joints and increases the risk of physical injury. Our specialists are advising people on a daily basis who have developed injuries from physical stress at work. Such injuries are usually associated with “physically demanding occupations”. But in practice, injuries also often occur through office work. An incorrect posture is one of the major causes of neck, back or shoulder problems.

Back problems


Many people suffer with regular back problems. The lumbar region and lower back being particular areas of pain – commonly known as backache. Symptoms can vary from severe pain to an irritating ache. Causes are usually very diverse and vague. Research suggests that an ergonomic office chair with effective pelvic support generally prevents back problems.

In the Netherlands, more than 70% go home at the end of the working day with back pain. Back problems arising when working while seated for long periods are often caused by static muscle load. Since muscles perform best when used, too little exercise can result in cramps and lactic acid build up. Which is why it is so important to ensure properly relaxed back support.

The back rest of an Axia office chair supports your back in the proper way yet allows your shoulders enough room to move. Try out an Axia chair and experience for yourself how your back problems ease thanks to proper support!

Neck problems

NekklachtenIf you sit in front of a computer screen too often and for too long, you run a high risk of developing neck and back problems. Although a horizontal line of sight is best, you probably look down too often at your keyboard or at paperwork. And this just exacerbates existing neck problems. Using a keypad or touchpad can also cause neck problems. Perhaps you sit with an unnatural posture, with wrists bent and shoulders tensed.

Working from home

Many organisations are adopting new ways of working, allowing you to work more “independently of location and time”. Working from home has many benefits, the disadvantage being that your office space is often not well set up. More often than not, the kitchen table becomes your workstation. But a properly set up office is essential at home too. And that begins with a good chair. Many companies have guidelines for setting up a healthy workstation at home. Ask your employer for details. Why not request a trial chair for your home office? We look forward to bringing one round!

Shoulder problems

SchouderklachtenShoulder problems relate primarily to the joints. Pain can migrate to the neck, shoulder blades, elbows and even the fingers. These symptoms can restrict you in your daily work. At night too, the pain can be an irritation. Combined with an ergonomic office chair, a well set up workstation will prevent or reduce shoulder pain.