Sustainability. Deep-seated within BMA

How sustainable is BMA Ergonomics? How is sustainability embedded into the company? What steps have been taken to integrate sustainability into the value chain? You can get all the answers in our new sustainability report.

At BMA, we feel responsible toward society, environment and economy. We are convinced that we can make a positive contribution. As an organisation, we are also accountable for the impact of decisions and activities in the field of corporate social responsibility. For the second time, we are publishing the results in form of a report.

Involvement of stakeholders

Corporate social responsibility is not something you do on your own. For the purpose of this report, we spoke in-depth with our suppliers, dealers, customers and employees. We know that our stakeholders play an important role in determining which topics are essential for our sustainability policy. They also determine to a large extent the success of our performance. Therefore it is important that we have a clear picture of their expectation of corporate responsibility. Based on this we created the new report.

Curious to find out more? Have a look at our sustainability report.