Sit smarter, healthier and consciously

Sugar, salt and sitting: the alleged serial killers of our time. At least when using or doing ‘too much’ of it. Our body needs sugar and salt. And standing all day isn’t that healthy either …  The danger isn’t in sugar, salt or sitting itself but in the quantity of it. We daily use almost 2 times more sugar and salt than we need and spend 8 to 13 hours sitting! Most of the time not consciously as well.

Producers are encouraged to make their products healthier. Less sugar, salt and sitting will reduce the chance of heart and vascular diseases, high blood pressure and obesity. BMA cordially supports the proposal of sitting less prolonged – as strange as that may sound from a chair manufacturer. We already acted on it with introducing the Axia Smart Chair  and Axia Smart Active office chairs, Smart Chairs that will coach you on proper seated behaviour.

Our motto is ‘move when you can, sit correctly  when you must’. Healthy, fit employees are more balanced in life and perform better. An active work style and proper seated posture are part of that. A tactile and audible signal from the seat of the Axia Smart Chair and Axia Smart Active office chairs is heard/felt when you are sitting incorrectly (Smart Chair) or too prolonged (Smart Active). This nudging will help you to be more aware of your sitting posture and duration. Furthermore the Smart Active App displays your personal seated pattern and provides you with tips on how to move more during your working day in the office. Just as long as you are a ‘sitting pro’! And therefore you move up from “unconscious incompetence” to “conscious skilled” as far as it concerns your seated behaviour.

Some tips on how to move more in the office:
• Use the stairs, not the elevator;
• Leave your chair every 30 minutes for some 3 minutes: go and get something to drink for instance;
• Go see your colleague instead of calling or emailing him; or walk up and down the isle during your phone call;
• Have a stand-up or walking meeting. Healthier and probably more efficient too;
• Go for a walk during lunchtime. Have some movement and fresh air at the same time.

More info?
Do you want to know more about sitting smarter and healthier? Or do you want to try it yourself 3 weeks for free? Then please contact us.