Axia 2.0 office chair on traveling circularity exhibition

Imagine that an entire building – the concrete, the wood, the steel, and all of the products inside such as chairs, computers and lighting – was designed to be fully reusable and recyclable. That an office can be transformed into a new apartment building. Or the other way around. The Reversible Experience Modules (REMs) show how buildings can be transformed from demolition cost and liabilities, into the material banks of the future, based on circularity and the Cradle-to-Cradle design concept. With a traveling exhibition of over 70 products and systems on display, available on the market today and designed for reuse, recovery and recycling, there is ample opportunity for the visitors to immerse themselves in a reversible building experience. One of those products is the circular and C2C-certified BMA Axia 2.2 Office Chair.


Reversible Experience Modules (REMs): Building like nature does

The Reversible Experience Modules expo is Europe’s largest collection of products for reversible or circular buildings. The products form a real-life, interactive building area and are showcased in combination with their entries in the BAMB Materials Passports database. In this database, that is accessible from multiple devices, information is provided on the circular potential of products, systems and buildings. And is described what these products are, where they come from and where they can go next. The material passports thus reveal the true potential of a product in a circular economy. The REMs are EPEA’s pilot for circular building design in the Horizon 2020’s Buildings as Material Banks (BAMB). At each location there will be presentations, workshops and trainings for professionals from the built environment about Materials Passports, Circularity, and reversible building design. For an update on the schedule of the workshops and presentations about Materials Passports or Reversible Design, check our webpage regularly.

Building Holland – 17th to 19th of April, Amsterdam RAI

It has taken some time, but the construction and real estate sector finally seems to get away with circular realizations: the donor skeleton, raw material passports, product as a service and circular procurement penetrate the market. With the theme Circular Building, Building Holland will continue to discuss current issues that change the sector from 17 to 19 April at RAI Amsterdam. Are you an architect, producer, designer, consumer or just enthusiastic about reversible building? Then visit the REMs / BAMB expo during Building Holland in hall 11 of the RAI and take part in one of the guided tours. Visit the presentation in hall 10 on Wednesday, April 18th. Or simply take a look and discover the possibilities of Materials Passports and Reversible Design. You can sign up for Building Holland via this website.