Axia Smart technology

The Axia Smart Office Chairs can teach you to sit better. Sitting badly on a good ergonomic chair – is still sitting badly. That is why BMA Ergonomics attaches great importance to clear sitting instructions and good knowledge of the office chair itself. Just so you get the maximum comfort from your chair. Being aware of how you sit and your posture is another important factor? What about you? Are you sitting properly?

The Axia Smart Chair provides feedback on sitting behaviour

The smart office chair monitors the users’ sitting behaviour and provides feedback. Sensors in the seat and back cushions register the sitting behaviour. If the user sits incorrectly the chair makes him/her aware of this. A light vibration in the seat reminds the user if he/she sits for too long in position that puts stress or strain on the body. This feedback helps to raise the general awareness towards one’s sedentary behaviour. Ultimately the user goes home fitter at the end of the working day. A smart label is attached to the seat. It shows either the current sitting position or how the user has been sitting for the past hour. Through the Axia Smart Insight software the data from the last 35 days can be read. This gives the user full detailed insight into his/her sedentary behaviour. How long has the user been sitting? Did he/she take enough breaks? Was the posture correct? These questions can be answered by the Axia Smart Insight Software.

With the Axia Smart Cloud application collective data can be read out over longer periods of time. Based on the gathered information practical advice can be given to each user. This opens a world of possibilities for both users and facility managers.