Axia 2.0, Dutch Design

Axia 2.0 office chairs are sold worldwide, but BMA is and will remain a proud Dutch company. You can see that in our products. Did you know, for example, that the back of the Axia office chair is based on a tulip? Now that really is Dutch Design!

Axia 2.0

The Axia sitting philosophy

In the early 1990s, together with the Erasmus University Rotterdam and TU Delft, we worked on our own philosophy of sitting. The Axia VDU chair was the result. This first BMA office chair was clearly different in a number of ergonomic and biomechanical details:

  • Pelvis support, which prevents sitting in a slouch position;
  • A backward tilting of the seat, which stops shear force when reclining;
  • A movement mechanism that is stable and feels comfortable in every position;
  • A seat that splits so that the feet remain flat on the floor during dynamic movement;
  • Armrests that do not move with the chairor conflict with the work surface, that support the arms and shoulders in a relaxed manner, and keep the hands on the keyboard.

Part of Flokk

Since 2016 BMA Ergonomics has been part of Flokk – one of the largest office furniture manufacturers in Europe. This originally Scandinavian company designs, develops and produces for the brands HÅG, RH, Giroflex, RBM, Offecct, Profim, Malmstolen and BMA. Within the group, BMA is the brand for office chairs and 24/7 chairs.