Axia 2.0 Office Chair series

The Axia 2.0 is not just a chair that helps you achieve a relaxed and healthy posture. It is a complete and sophisticated seating system that brings together all our expertise in the field of ergonomics, design, technology and sustainability. People are different, this system makes users more aware of their posture when seated and actively supports them. Watch the Axia 2.0 movie now!

The Axia 2.0

  1. fits you perfectly
  2. helps you to actively relax
  3. is good for your back and neck
  4. makes you more aware of your posture
  5. keeps you fitter and more productive
  6. is sustainably good for our environment

How does it feel to sit on?

  1. There are Axia chairs for every office and interior.
  2. An Axia chair has a modular construction and can therefore be adapted to your body shape.
  3. All components can be replaced.
  4. The seat and back of an Axia chair move with you, always providing the support you need.
  5. When you do sit properly, you are able to do more work. Maybe you can stop an hour earlier!