Flokk on the Orgatec 2018

“Belonging” will be the central theme for Flokk next month at Cologne’s Orgatec, with all the brands of Flokk showcasing their latest designs for the first time together on one platform. Ahead of the biannual fair, we spoke to Flokk Architect Kari Nost Bergem & Textile Designer Pernille Jensen Stoltze to discover more about the concept for this year’s stand.


An event like Orgatec is not just a place to showcase our products, but also to express our identity. Flokk is a house of brands, united in the pursuit of excellent design, high quality, great performance, and sustainable methods, but each with their own stories to tell, and unique identities. Together we are able to offer a great variety of products for the workplace and the home. The question is, how do we express that?

“In order to create a Flokk, you need to gather several individuals together. The most efficient way is to put the group in a circle.”

It is with this idea that the designers began to devise the concept for this year’s show, and the general shape of the display has its roots in deep history, as Architect Kari Nost Bergem continues,

“It started with talking about togetherness, and then came the word belonging. If you feel included in a group, or a ‘Flokk’, you belong there, and that is the best feeling in order to perform both privately and professionally. Flokk consists of 6 different brands each with their own qualities – how do we bring them together?”

“We drew inspiration from the ancient ways of forming a group, of gathering the herd, or Flock, and combining the two came up with this simple shape and concept.”


Initial sketches and inspirational artwork and concepts

“The concept of the Flokk stand relates to the meaning of the name and the graphical elements of the logo too, with the lines, dots and circles. The circles as shapes are also a strong metaphor for the circular thinking that is fundamental for our environmental philosophy.”

The colour choice is equally important, and the theme runs through this too, as Pernille explains,

“Working with the colours for Orgatec has been a process. Every fabric has its own character by its unique structure and colour interplay and when combined with others – together they create their own little story. As in line with our theme “belonging” – if everybody feels included it evokes the best feeling. This is what we want to express through our colours – a sense of belonging by using colours that makes you feel inspired and happy.”


Pernille: “The palette has a diversity of colours, but within this diversity we have created small colour families that fit together and communicate with each other – like people.

Each colour family represents areas and colour themes like the diversity in nature linked together in an eco-system. Like in nature it evokes a feeling of accidental colours but when you look closer there is an intriguing structure where everything is connected.

“Natural colours and natural feel is highlighted by the architectural elements on the stand where the colour of natural wood and white is essential.”

Environmental Concern

As with previous stands, the materials used are chosen to have a minimal environmental impact. Untreated wooden materials feature heavily, and most of the components will be reused in further exhibits.

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